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Rack Cards - advertising for Travel Information Centers

After Volunteering and working at the Tourist Information Center in Nipigon for years, it has become self-evident at the lack of local representation and information presented at the local Tourist Information Center and even worse amongst regional Information Centers.

As part of my Land of Nipigon Adventure Guidebook project I have compiled information most requested by the travelling public as well as detailed information on places to visit, things to do and a full business directory for the region.  Of course, this is a 56-page book that may be too involved for a lot of travellers. After dealing with local groups, organisations and businesses it was made clear that I would have to go about producing something myself, so I did. 

The creation of the Places to Eat, Places to stay and Things to do in Nipigon rack cards were created and also, were consolidated into one single brochure. This brochure gives the necessary information and contact information for local businesses that fit into one or more of those categories. Companies are included for FREE, as most organisations and groups require a payment to display their information, I decided against that and to be inclusive. 

There are spots available however for any business that wants to stand out. Business card sized ads are available to help offset the cost of printing the brochures and distributing them throughout the region and beyond. Feel free to contact me below if you are interested in a very cost-effective and established method of promoting your business.

Costing out Brochure printing

It is essential that you get the brochures professionally printed. On a glossy paper in full colour to stand out. 

At the cost of 20 cents per unit for me to print them through my printers It was a very economical method of getting the Information out.


Tourist information centres across Northwest Ontario want your information to assist better the travellers that stop in. 

We provide distribution along the North Shore of Lake Superior and beyond. 

These Rack cards are a set of three that are themed to show off commonly requested information from tourists. Where to eat, where to stay and things to do. Each one is linked to a central website with additional information, and all are part of the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide which provides a much broader scope of information, but is expensive to print/produce.

Brochure Design which is a three panel double sided full colour glossy brochure for easy display at Tourist Information Centers and other area businesses. 

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