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These are some of the active marketing projects we are running. Each project serves a purpose in the marketing of the region and its businesses. 

Individual client websites, businesses, organizations and events all benefit  in some way from the projects listed here. We are always adding content and changing the projects to draw more and more people to the region and its businesses.

content website and printed guidebook


Website (https://nipigon.com) and print/digital app travelers guidebook for the region from Dorion Hurkett through to Terrace Bay/Schreiber and North into Greenstone.

The Land of Nipigon adventure guide provides travelers and locals alike with a comprehensive list of places, things, sites and recommended activities.

The website is a full content rich website touching on multiple topics that generate web traffic from individuals from around North America and beyond.

The digital app version of the guidebook contains a FREE to download magazine that can be viewed on your smartphone or device anywhere. Once downloaded it does not require a cell signal.

The Printed versions as well as “essential information” flyers and rack cards are distributed to Tourist Information centers throughout the region as well as select businesses that cater to potential travelers to this area.

Keyword optimized

Pages are optimized and updated often to draw users with common questions and inquiries about the area. 

Digital and Print

Standard print production as well as an interactive digital version that links to additional information when online.

Relevant information

The content is comprehensive, relevant and up to date. Whether a list of events or a full business directory to explaining the geology of the area and maybe even a little fishing advice.


Print versions distributed around Northwest Ontario and into the US. Tourist information centers as well as select businesses throughout the area.

Regular updates

Small print runs and digital version allow for quick and easy updates.

Content website



This website contains information and resources for northern gardening, wild edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms as well as local recipes of interest through out the region and beyond. Currently the content is being adapted for downloadable app distribution and increasing the audience base.  


The site as well as content is marketed for those interested in Gardening, wild food foraging and local recipes. This is a highly focused website however it draws alot of general interest from the region and well beyond due to its wide reaching content. 

Digital and printed map products

GPS enabled smart maps 

We provide Digital and printed map creation using the latest GIS techniques within established map creation guidelines.  Maps are customized to any scale to highlight anything you wish.

Smartphone Maps

Smartphone maps are downloadable maps that are GPS enabled and turn your smartphone into a GPS unit. To function the map app does not require cell service, making it ideal for exploring our bush country and getting to places others may miss.

Maps scaled to your needs

Maps are created to specifications given by the client. Our internal theme maps are just examples of whats possible.

Advertising options

Advertising options on popular theme fishing, hunting and adventure maps. Additional opportunities within digital Smartmaps. 

Custom maps

Customized maps for businesses, organizations or events. Print, App and digital formats. Created with GIS software and are accurate to scale maps. 

Accurate and feature rich

All our map products feature accurate landmarks, locations advice as well as feature rich content to accompany the map user.

Re-branding opportunities

All of our themed maps can be modified to carry your logo, data and information. Great for handouts or products for your clients.

Content and e-commerce website



This website contains information and resources for northern sportspeople. Hunting and fishing news, information and resources. This site also acts as a map repository and distribution center for maps produced my myself. Membership driven portions of the website also allow for direct customer interaction and access to premium content. 


The site as well as content is marketed for those interested in hunting and fishing in Northwest Ontario. These two activities are top tourist attractors to the region.  



Rack cards are a highly effective method to get information out there. These themed rack cards are based on the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide and are a funneling media to bring people to the website and to get the book. The front side depict pictures from around the area as well as basic travel information. The back includes themed listings for local destinations or businesses.

Each themed rack card has advertising options.  


Rack Cards are produced at a very economic rate and such allow for wide distribution to tourist information centers and select businesses through out the region. We have a network in place for distribution.

Advertising in themed Rack Cards are free for just a listing, and  business Card ad for $49 or free with one of our marketing packages.

Business website


Nipigon River Bait Tackle and Souvenirs

This website is designed for a local bait/tackle and souvenir shop. It includes content from the content websites listed above as well as interactive forms and unique downloadable digital products. 

Integrated for Facebook sharing and directly linked to an associated Facebook group.

There is a subtle e-commerce aspect to the site that is activated from time to time.

Additional products

Marketing of custom fishing and hunting maps as well as Smartmaps, the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide as well as a custom Nipigon Fishing Guidebook help extend the potential reach and draws people to the site.

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