Whats in an email name?

Professional email for business and organizations

Whats in a Name?

Over 75% of customers and potential clients agree that a professional email address is a crucial component to building trust with any small business or organisation. sexybear452@hotmail.com won’t do in today’s internet-based world.

So where do you get a professional email address?
If you have a domain name, you already have one. Use your domain name. All web hosting has an email address system setup which will allow you to use you@yourdomain.com. It takes minutes, costs little to nothing and gives you full control over the email.

Using your domain name for email also keeps you separate from your ISP, joe345shaw.ca might be okay, what if you switch providers? You will then lose access to that email address and all the contacts that had it.

What makes a professional email address?
Never use numbers, nicknames, slang terms, always choose a standard name for your email. yourname@yourdomain.com. You could mix it up with a first initial and last name like ghart@nwoutdoors.ca or stick with a standard like glenn@hartspace.ca.

How do you feel about spam?
Creating unique email addresses for display on websites like info@yourdomain.com keeps your primary business email from getting clogged up with all that spam.

If you have a website with yourdomain.com – you have email capabilities, you may just need to ask for it. If your web guy/gal says no, get a new web guy/gal.

An email takes minutes to setup and if your web guy/gal wants to charge you more than a few bucks to setup an email @yourdomain.com, you might want to find a new web person. 

Don’t have a yourdomain.com? You can purchase a domain name for $20 a year or less, and an email only hosting account for as low as $10 a year.  Still not convinced? I know I offer email addresses for my clients @nipigon.com – yourname@nipigon.com. 

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