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Rack Cards - advertising for Travel Information Centers

Rack Cards are those nice thick, typically glossy 1/3 the size of a piece of paper that fits perfectly in brochure holders. They offer a great, effective and inexpensive method to advertise and market your business at a larger scale than just a business card. 

Rack cards to be seen need to stand out, have a clear message and show relevant information on the face to draw and keep the traveller’s attention as they browse through a wall of similar brochures and cards on the walls of tourist information centres across Northwest Ontario.

There are several examples of rack cards displayed on this page; each one follows a few basic rules and ideas.

Catch the eye. – when people are looking through many rack cards, stand out.
Clear information. –  What does the tourist expect to receive when they pick up your card?
Pertinent information. – is this something a tourist would want?
Further information and contact information. – Id tourists want more information or to contact you can they?
The Rack Card for as shown is pretty apparent what it is for, just by the text at the top.

Picture and text indicate what to expect from the rack card.

A lot of tourists are looking for trails information, AND people are always looking for new phone apps and tools.

Additional information via a website, phone number and street address is forefront.

Costing out Rack Cards

It is important that you get rack cards professionally printed. Usually on a glossy paper that is nice and thick. Self printing your rack cards result in a loss of that eye catching appeal and although very cheap, will not be as effective as a quality print.

That said printing is inexpensive. We charge $150 for 1000 (15 cents each)  standard glossy rack cards on thick card stock – including design, layout and printing. For even more bang for your dollar, use the backside of the card for additional information. 


This is about tourists seeing your rack cards. Tourist information centres across Northwest Ontario want your information to assist better the travellers that stop in. The staff at the centres are not versed fully in all the businesses in their town; they shouldn’t be expected to be versed in every other town as well. They rely on Rack Cards and Brochures for dishing out information.

We provide distribution along the North Shore of Lake Superior and beyond, or you could mail out your cards to the various tourist information centers, or you could drive them yourselves. 

We provide distribution along the North Shore of Lake Superior and beyond, or you could mail out your cards to the various tourist information centers or you could drive them yourselves, introduce yourself to the staff and tell them what your business offers. 


These Rack cards are a set of three that are themed to show off commonly requested information from tourists. Where to eat, where to stay and things to do. Each one is linked to a central website with additional information, and all are part of the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide which provides a much broader scope of information, but is expensive to print/produce.

Ski Club Trail Rack Card. An eye-catching image on the front, link to website and scannable QR code. Back has a map of the trails as well as additional information.

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