Small Business Digital and Print Marketing Package

Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide

Small Business Marketing Package


This all-inclusive digital and print marketing campaign package take any small business, outfits them for a professional and trusted online presence as well as marketing them in established print formats directly to potential clients and customers. Not only will we create your online presence, but we will also give it a massive push into the online community.

Cooperative advertising

Cooperative advertising models used shared resources to produce higher quality and additional advertising opportunities that single small business could not afford on their own. GH Services will offer established products with a set number of printed copies guaranteed. These products are designed to bring travellers to the Nipigon area and to keep them here for extended periods. 

The products on the following pages are being produced and printed for the upcoming year to advertise Cooperative Nipigon River Bait Tackle Souvenirs, and I am offering additional advertising space to other area businesses in all the products I will be producing this year. ­­

Additional advertisers will allow for drastic price drops and additional printed copies on some products. 

Land of Nipigon Adventure Guidebook

For information on promotion in the Land of Nipigon visit

Video showing smartphone operation and interaction with 2018 guidebook.

Interactive Hyperlinks
Direct phone dialling
Detailed community Street Maps
GPS Enabled Smartmaps
Linked additional resource pages.

Travelers Map and information Brochure

(to be distributed for free regionally)

Tabloid sized map on one side, folded into four pages creating a folded brochure with four pages and a detailed map of the region from Thunder Bay to Terrace Bay and North to Beardmore. The map shows town amenities, local points of interest and places to visit along the route and recommended stops along the way.

Information pages will include places to stay, places to eat and information on things to do while travelling in the region.

Guaranteed initial printing of 1000 copies.


Cooperative advertising pricing;

$100/ad – ad placements on the map and description pages available. 




Printed Local Amenity and Trail Maps (For sale Product)

Sale price starting at $5, based on 100 copies per printing. Reprints will occur in quantities of 100 regardless of additional advertising once 3/4 of the prints are sold.

Maps are for sale locally in multiple locations as well as shipped anywhere in North America.

Maps currently in production and available: 

Nipigon River Fishing; Nipigon Area Fishing Map; Nipigon area Recreational Map; Lake Nipigon North, Lake Nipigon South, Nipigon to Rossport, Gorge Creek Road to Trap narrows Lake. 

Custom locations upon request. Each of these maps will have a digital Avenza Map equivalent.


Cooperative advertising pricing;

Each $100 advertising drops the price by $1

Minimum pricing is $2.50. Once minimum pricing is reached, additional advertising will go towards additional printed copies for that particular print run. 

$50/ad – 5 ad spaces per printing per map



GPS Enabled Smartmaps

Have your business listed in the freely downloadable GPS Enabled Smartmap. Either the GPS Enabled Travelers Map that covers the entire area or GPS Enabled Smartmaps for Nipigon/Red Rock/Lake Helen or Rossport/Terrace Bay/Schreiber. Want your own branded GPS enabled/printable Map? We can do that too.

Detailed GPS Enabled Smartmaps contain hiking trails, town amenities, local sights, places to visit, and information the traveller would be looking for.  Runs on any smartphone and works without a cell signal!

Website – hosts a wide ranging directory of businesses and resources travellers and locals are seeking. The web directory is inclusive and any business or organization can be listed for free. 

We also offer an enhanced listing which includes much more detailed information,  images and priority placement. 

Paid enhanced listings will also appear in the downloadable and printed versions of the Land Of Nipigon Adventure Guidebook with priority placement and bold within the guidebook directory.

Business card ads are also available through the website, which will also be displayed within the downloadable and printed versions of the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide.




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