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Nipigon Legion Website re-invention

The Project

I volunteer my time as well as hosting fees and domain registration fees to the local Royal Canadian Legion here in Nipigon.

The original website was not being updated and new content was not being generated for it. As a result I decided to redesign the site as a single page, brochure type website that will have all the important information on a single page. 



The top of the page requires contact information and a simple map and pre-amble information. The menu for the different sections simply jumps to that part of the page. 

The Chase the Ace Sub page was added later to help draw people to a great fundraising opportunity. 

From there we go down the page to the hall rental information, the most requested information and what keeps the Legion going. Backed up with some pictures of events and people at the Legion. Then comes the standard call for membership – it is important to support the Legion as they are focus points of communities and without the support of the people they will fade away. 

Next down are the Onondaga Sea cadets who perform a lot of community and legion related tasks and events. 

The page is closed by a newspaper clipping from 1942 listing Nipigons enlistments to WW2. After all that is what the legions are for, remembrance.

Get In Touch

21 2nd St., Nipigon Ontario, P0T 2J0
+1 807 889 0707

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