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Hike for Health Online Registration Website

The Project

I volunteer my time as well as hosting fees and domain registration fees to the local Hike for Health organization.

Hike for Health Website

All website I use have an easy to use e-commerce component which has been used for years to collect online payments for donations however due to the restrictions and effort needed to create proper registration e-commerce forms and controls it had not been done. 

This year I managed to buckle down and devote a few days to creating the proper online registration and payment gateway for this volunteer driven organization and website.



Utilizing a plugin for WordPress which the e-commerce system works through I was able to code and develop a form system that I could easily modify to collect information from registrants and attach that directly to the online payment system already in place.

This allows users to register and pay online and collect all the custom information needed for the event. 

Due the portability of WordPress and the E-commerce system I can now re-use this same code on other websites, even allowing for more functionality to organizations than just online registration. The system will also allow for donations, access controls and more.

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