Development of the 2020 Land of Nipigon Adventure guide is well underway and will be going for initial printing in January 2020. The new, sleeker, focused guidebook has extended trails information, more detailed maps and more “Things to do in Nipigon”. There is information on fishing, of course, but that is not the focus. Trails, day trips, places to visit are extensively covered as well.

The focus of the guidebook is now Nipigon/Red Rock and activities to do nearby. The popular traveller’s map is included however extending the range of points of interest and things to do from Thunder Bay to Marathon and North to Beardmore.

I am proud to announce the guidebook will be 100% designed, developed and printed locally as I have recently done with my maps and other guides. Print runs will be set at 100 copies per run which will allow for inter-run updates, additional advertisers to be added and more up to date information.

The Land of Nipigon Adventure Guidebook will be available for purchase locally as well as online with shipping to anywhere in North America. A new cooperative advertising model will determine pricing. The base price of $7.50 will be lowered based on businesses, organizations and individuals who choose to support the printing of the guidebook by paying for a $100 ad unit. A minimum price of $2.50 has been set to allow businesses to sell the guide and still make some profit. The digital online version of the guide will continue to be free.

A cooperative advertising model allows for businesses, organizations and groups to obtain advertising at lower rates. The entire Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide is for the promotion and attraction of visitors to the Nipigon area and to keep them here longer by giving them choices on things to do.

I am designing, laying out and printing the guidebook no matter what. If other businesses want to promote themselves beyond just the business directory in the guide, then I will lower the amount I need to charge to cover the cost of printing.

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